Dearest Tangueras/os, 
We are eager to dance together again and hug each other very soon :-)) … Nevertheless we want to meet in safety & in good conditions ! 

At the moment it is still difficult to ‘project’ when in the the future this will be, as the first slow steps of release of quarantine just arrived and will probably continue the next weeks and some month across Europe. 
For more comfort, tranquility & serenity - and to be able for you and us to plan with a bit more confidence - we decide to reschedule the registration date of the Pasionaria 2020. We will continue to assess the situation in the end of May and starting of June, see wether we can plan for a registration in end of June/Starting of July.

As an international event we need to take quite some into account
1/ the evolution of covid-19 at the end of the quarantine in France and Europe
2/ the reopening of public spaces (room congres, cinemas, restaurants, theater, etc) in France & Europe 
3/ the reopening of transport, airports & flexibility of travel in France & Europe
4/ the reopening of borders & free movement in the country & countries through Europe

We count on your support, in 11 years we had already experienced many adventures : change of places, changes of imposed dates, hotel closing at the last minute, etc. Nevertheless, we are full of hope for the next months :)) We invite you to take a look at our program with a wonderful DJteam2020 & hoping to be able to meet you with joy in the end of November for our beautiful Milonguero meeting and to do big party freely ! 

Thank you for your understanding and we will send you news between end of may/mid-june for the new registration dates. Feel you free to send us a feed back and your feeling (post or pm), how you are & how you fell you concerning a planification of an event of dance in some months ? 

Take care of you & stay tuned ! We send you all full of energy* & warm hug* 
Cariño Tango Team 


Cariño Tango Team 
Encuentro Always ♡ Forever